11 Best Special Schools in Tamil Nadu

11 Best Special Schools in Tamil Nadu

Understanding a child is difficult and the task is even tougher when the child is differently able. If we do not understand our child well, it might not be possible for us to provide the right kind of education for him or her. We can ensure that our child is receiving the right form of education when we admit him or her to the right schools. Here are the names of 11 schools that are made for the needs of special children in Tamil Nadu. We hope that this will help you to find the right institution for your child!

1. Gowrin Special School

When we are thinking of getting our child into any of the special schools in Tamil Nadu, the best option is to approach the authorities of Gowrin Special School. They have been serving the needs of children who require special care for a long time and they have the right staff to handle the specially-abled children. They also have the best scopes for Remedial Intervention for children who are suffering more.

2. Deepam School for Special Children

Deepam School for special children is located in the main city of Chennai. It is known to appoint teachers who are very good for the needs of specially-abled children. Moreover, it also makes sure to keep an eye on every student so that each child grows up with skills of their own.

3. Dolphin Special school and center

Several guardians have already reported that Dolphin has been one of the best schools in Trichy which has helped their specially-abled children to overcome their restraints and enter into the main phase of life. Along with this, they have some special activities which can inculcate the creativity of the specially-abled children and help them to communicate with the world professionally.

4. Sparks Vidyalaya

This is yet another school which is located in the heart of Tamil Nadu. The school has designed several activities that can prove to be very helpful for differently-abled children. They help the guardians to keep an eye on the progress of the child as he or she proceeds in their path of education.

5. Special School for Mentally Challenged

Located in Erode, Tamil Nadu, a special school for the mentally challenged has been a boon for parents who have been looking for special schools on the outskirts. We have found that this school approaches the issues of the children in the right manner which in turn helps the children to develop instincts for the world.

6. Karuna School

The Karuna School of special education is located in Chennai. This school is known for the excellent selection of staff who are appointed to bring differently-abled children into mainstream life. They make sure that the staff is experienced enough to ensure the safety and education of the children.

7. Sristi Special School

As per the information which has been gathered from the guardians whose children are already studying in the school, we are quite convinced that Shristi special school is indeed one of the best schools in Kunnamangalam. The school can help increase the talent of the child in areas which were not known to the guardians in the past.

8. Sankalp

When a child has special needs, we must find groups that will be sympathetic toward their needs. Sankalp is known to contribute to the entire development of the child who gets admission to this school. The wholesome nature of this education has been one of the natural factors which have contributed to its popularity.

9. Swabodhini Special School

As we have amassed information about Swabodhini special school, we have realized that this school is extremely efficient in handling the needs of the children who have special abilities. This has encouraged many guardians to get into the infrastructure of this school for the further education of their special child.

10. Tapovan School

Tapovann school is one of the special schools which is located in Chennai. The school has received many positive reviews from the guardians whose children are already studying in this school. They have designed several activities that can help to increase the interactive power of the special children.

11. Color’s special school

Located in Tirunelveli of Tamil Nadu, Colors special school has been a great support to guardians who want a good education for their special child. We have found that this school is very much supportive of the individual needs of each child in the school.


Schools are important for the overall development of a child in his or her future. The differently-abled children require more care than usual. We have to ensure that our child is in the right care so that they are nurtured for their future. At the same time, we should also make sure that the school provides enough educational impetus for the child to grow into a healthy professional life. The names which have been mentioned are known to provide these facilities.