Best Vocational Training Institutes for Kids with Special Needs

The Best 10 Vocational Training Institutes for Kids with Special Needs.

Education is the light of special children who do not gain acceptance in any part of the world, even now. We have found that there are certain institutions that provide proper vocational training to children who are suffering from any kind of mental or physical disorder. Some of the best schools have been mentioned below for us to choose from:

School of Hope, Tamanna Foundation

Tamanna belongs to the group of non-profit organizations which have been working order to uplift the condition of the specially-abled children. It is India’s first institution that has been able to include autistic people for their wholesome development and entry into the mainstream world. The center was developed initially for those who are mentally disabled. At present, they are one of the leading groups which have been able to promote the vocational training of specially-abled children.


Umang is one of the organizations which works mostly with children who are afflicted with cerebral palsy. They have expert teams which can recognize the needs of the children to an adequate degree. The institution has recognized that each child is unique and they need different types of care systems for them to grow naturally. This is even more prominent in differently-abled children. The Individual Educational Plan which is used by Umang is tailored according to the needs of specific children.

Aditya Birla Integrated School

The Birla group is quite well known for the different educational institutions that they have opened all over the world. This school was founded in 2014 to help children with mental disabilities to pursue a proper stream of education. We have seen that the school seems to place proper pressure on the educational style and vocational teaching.

P.J. Sadhana School

As per our research, this particular school has earned its name by teaching about 114 children within the age range of 4 to 20 years. These children have greatly benefitted from the kind of training provided by this school. They also have an excellent selection of staff who inculcate the values of living among differently-abled children.

Amar Jyoti School

The Amar Jyoti School has been providing education to children who are specially-abled for almost 31 years. They are accredited by the CBSE board and allow the children to get into the mainstream line of education. We have found that the school has allowed numerous children to get into professional life through proper rehabilitation and vocational training.

Asha Kiran Special Needs School

Asha Kiran Special Needs School is one of the most eminent schools which is located in Bangalore. The school has been helpful not only to the specially-abled children but also to the slow learners and children from degrading economic backgrounds. We have learned about the measures through which they try to instill interest among the children. These methods are quite relevant in the courses of vocational training as well.

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Mata Bhagwati Chadha Niketan

Founded in 1999, this school has been a class of its own for children who are differently abled. We have seen that children who have been passing from this school face no issue in entering the mainstream professional world. The facilities which are provided in this school are great as well. The essence of the best quality of life is taught to the children who have taken admission here!

Gateway School

Among all the names we have mentioned till now, Gateway focuses on those children who have specific learning disabilities. They are known to provide creative vocational training for children who are not quick at learning. The high-quality education which is provided at this school tends to beat the schools which are built for the education of able-bodied children as well. This has opened a path for the children to get into normal life rather than cowering in the corner with ignorance and sadness.

Sanchetna, Noida

We have found Sanchetna to be one of the most eminent and unsung schools which can provide the right kind of education for specially-abled children. They customize their teaching measures for each child and make sure that none of the children are cruelly ignored in their saga of education. The enablement of proper education among the specially-abled child is strongly provided by this organization.

Vidyaniketan Academy

Vidyaniketan Academy is one of the special needs schools which is located in Bangalore. It has earned its name in the top schools which provide special education and vocational training. This school is very well known for the tailor-made courses for children who are suffering from multiple kinds of diseases.


These schools are known all over the world for the high quality of education that they provide for our children. Vocational training is extremely important for children. We have to think very carefully before we admit our child into any of these schools!