Know about Travel Concessions for persons with disabilties in India

Are you looking for travel concessions in India?

Do you want to know about the various benefits that Indian persons with disabilities receive on transportation?

Able Aura brings you a brief of it all with the necessary links for anyone looking for an even detailed understanding and information.

Travel concessions for you in India include :

•Concessions on railway fares
•Concessions on airfares
•Reduced fares for State-run transport corporation buses
•Free travel for a companion on trains.

Railway concessions:

•You can avail of a concession on railway fares.

• The concession amount varies based on the type of disability and the class of travel.

• The concession for :white_check_mark: Divyang are Orthopaedically Handicapped/Paraplegic Persons who cannot travel without escort – for any purpose.

• It’ is 75% in 2nd, SL,1st Class, 3AC, AC chair Car.

•50% in First and Second class Monthly season ticket and Quarterly season ticket.

• One escort is also eligible for same element of concession.

• For more details please visit :Railway Rules for Handicapped - IRCTC Help

•Airfare concessions:

• Airlines in India offer concessions on airfares to you.

• The concession amount and eligibility criteria may vary among airlines.

• Disabled persons suffering from locomotor disability to the extent of 80% and above and are residents of India.

• Conditions falling under this category include cases of- Paraplegia, Hemplegia, Cerebral palsy, severe cases of Poliomyelitis, Kyphosis, Muscular dystrophies, Amputees.

• A 50% discount on the basic fare in Economy class is provided to people with disabilities.

• There is no rebate on taxes and other charges. Only the basic fare is subsidized in this case.

• The destination can be anywhere in India and the India-Nepal routes.

• Only such persons would be eligible for reservation in services / posts who suffer from not less than 40 per cent of relevant disability.

• A person who wants to avail of benefit of reservation would have to submit a Disability Certificate issued by a competent authority.

• For more details please visit:

•State-run transport corporation bus concessions:

• You can avail of reduced fares on State-run transport corporation buses.

• The exact concession amount and eligibility
criteria may vary depending on the state.

• The Rehabilitation Council of India is the apex government body, set up under an Act of Parliament, to regulate training programmes and courses targeted at disabled, disadvantaged, and special education requirement communities.

• For more details please download:

•Free travel for a companion:

• Indian Railways allows you to travel with a
companion, who can travel for free.

• This is to provide assistance to you during the journey.

• You can avail of a bus pass for travel on State-run transport
corporation buses.

• The bus pass is issued by the concerned transport corporation and provides
for reduced fares or free travel.

• The eligibility criteria and the concession amount may vary among different states.

• The bus pass is typically issued based on proof of disability and a recommendation from a medical authority.

• For details please visit: Travelling with a companion -