Making a garden easy to use for people with disabilities

Making a garden easy to use for people with disabilities :

To provide easy and safe access and to accommodate people with a range of disabilities, you may need to make some modifications when planning your garden, including:

• Raise garden beds to help people with physical restrictions, and to avoid bending and stooping.

• Provide tables that are wheelchair accessible where people can do potting and planting together.

• Use pots, window boxes, wheelbarrows and raised containers to make gardening more accessible – these can also be used when space and sunlight are limited.

• Provide retractable hanging baskets that can be pulled up and down so they are within easy reach.

• Use containers with wheels, which can be moved around easily to accessible positions and to catch the sunlight.

• Keep paths smooth, non-slip, accessible and level.

• Have a water supply handy and place plants together according to their water needs.

• Have an equipment storage area or shed nearby.

• Provide shade for working in the garden in summer (remember to use hats, sunscreen and other sun protection).

• Provide ready access to toilets.