Work from home and physical challenges

Is Work from Home Being A Blessing For The People With Physical Challenges?

Like everything has pros and cons, working from home also has pros and cons. The critical question is whether it is a blessing for physically challenged people or not.

From one perspective, it is a blessing for physically challenged people. The reasons are as follows:

In the facility of working from home, physically challenged people don’t need to face the difficulties to go to the office physically because it’s pretty cumbersome and ponderous for them to travel to the office physically.

People who need to work for several hours sitting in the cubicles face severe back pain, blurry vision and extreme monotony sometimes. It is more intense in the case of physically challenged people. So in the case of working from home, they get rid of these problems or constant monotony.

People with physical challenges may be more comfortable working from home, but there are some cons too, and from another perspective, it is a bane more than a blessing. These reasons are :

Many Adults stated that they face low motivation levels, boredom, monotony and sometimes technological glitch and Network issues. Being attentive to a computer for a long time throughout the day may severely impact concentration and retention, which is also “cognitive exhaustion”, and anxiety and depression also make their place in the list.

Some people say that they miss interacting with colleagues, and there are several distractions at home that reduce their work motivation.